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Scholarship Application

2 Timothy 2:15 Scholarship

We are excited and blessed to offer you the opportunity to get a scholarship for $100 off of your degree program. To qualify you must meet the following requirements.

  • You must have submitted an Application for Admission
  • You must complete the form below
  • You must be available for a :30min interview
  • You must provide 1 ministry leader or colleague reference who will “speak” on your behalf.
  • You must register in the next academic session

Scholarship Application (Scholarships are available to active students only)


Admissions Applications,  Unofficial transcripts AND request from your previous schools/universities/colleges to: 

Forward your Official transcripts and letters of recommendation to:

Kingdom Bible College

Attn:  Rose White

1535 Blanding Blvd #405

Middleburg, FL  32068

Upon receipt of all required documents, an admissions counselor will contact you.


All of our degrees are:

  • 100% Online
  • No Routine for Testing
  • Classrooms through Edmodo.  
  • All first time students must register.  
  • Instructor will provide classroom code.

Academic Programs

Kingdom Bible College (KBC) offers many academic programs.

Each program is designed to help develop Spirit anointed leaders for Christian ministry through rigorous learning experiences that allow them to study and practice under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and the mentoring of a highly qualified and talented faculty. 

KBC is designed for Christians who want to learn the Bible and live out the teachings of Christ. The academic programs are built on the fundamentals of the Christian faith but recognize the diversity that exists among God loving believers who accept the Bible as the inerrant, infallible, and inspired Word of God, and Christ Jesus as the only Savior.

Students applying to any academic program must be at least 18 years old and involved in a local church ministry (whether as a lay ministry volunteer or as a paid staff member).


No high school diploma or GED is required to enroll in the certificate programs. However, a high school diploma or GED is required if these credits are applied to a degree program.

Course Requirements 

Students entering certificate programs enroll in according to the College’s academic calendar.


The Associate of Arts in Christian Ministry (ACM) program is designed for those applicants who have limited or no undergraduate college credit but have a burning desire to serve in ministry. The Associate of Ministry program is suitable for Deacons, Elders, Sunday school teachers, ministry leaders, and others serving in lay leadership positions in the church in mission fields.

Admission Requirements The applicant must present evidence of completion of a high school diploma or GED and present evidence of dedication in some ministry field.

Course Requirements The Associate of Ministry is a 60 credit-hour degree equivalent to a two year junior or community college degree. A core of 45 credit-hours must be earned at KBIS. Students entering this program enroll in the same courses that are required for a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree.


The Associate of Biblical Studies degree is designed to equip students to more effectively study the Scriptures, and offers training in general studies areas.  The ABS utilizes an integrative approach in which the various courses build on one another to provide a unique focus that will help students connect biblical interpretation with an understanding of the world around them, while developing skills needed to succeed within an academic setting.

Admission Requirements:  A high school diploma or GED.  Clear evidence of dedication in this course of study.

Course Requirements: The ABS requires 60 credit hours.  A core of 45 credit hours must be completed at KBIS.  


Through foundational theological study the Bachelor of Arts in Theology provides a strong basis for ministry and christian leadership.  In addition to spiritual formation and exegetical skills essential to Christian studies, the program demonstrates how to examine the history of Christianity and the development of Christian doctrine, as well as gain a deeper understanding of major contemporary religions of the world.  


Earning a Bachelor of Christian Leadership (BCL) degree, you examine the history of Christianity and the development of Christian doctrine, as well as gain a deeper understanding of major contemporary religions of the world.  Your study includes the major teachings of the Christian faith and the basic elements of Christian discipleship.  

To effectively lead, you must also be an effective servant.  In Christian teachings, this means that you approach all decisions based upon Christian principles, which includes strategies for leading, shepherding and growing your church so you can serve more members.  While earning this degree, you explore Old and New Testament survey courses, Christian formation, the Gospels and the Book of Acts, and Christian Ethics.

Core Courses

KBC100 First Year Experience

SF100   Spiritual Formation 

CS070 Christian Service Seminar

Communication Skills

Social & Behavioral Sciences


Biblical Literature, Religion & Theology

Concentration in Ministry 

CM102 Introduction of Ministry

CM204 Technology in the Church

CM421 Ministry Methods

CM426 Church Finance & Administration

Concentration in Theology 

NT102 New Testament Literature

OT101 Old Testament Literature

TH100 Christianity, Culture & Worldview

TH200 Theology of Christian Experience

Concentration in Christian Leadership

NT102 New Testament Literature

OT101 Old Testament Literature

MG216 Principles of Management

CM102 Introduction to Ministry

CM325 Leading & Growing a Church

CM326 Church Communication

CM426 Church Finance & Administration

Concentration in Biblical Studies

GB100 Bible Study Methods

CM202 Personal Evangelism

NT102 New Testament Literature

OT101 Old Testament Literature

OT201 Pentateuch

NT202 Gospels

NT203 Acts

GB201 Hermeneutics

Registration Fee             $   35.00

Administration Fee         $   95.00

Graduation Fee              $ 125.00

Certificate of Ministry      $ 850.00

Down Payment               $ 200.00

AA Tuition             $79 per credit hour

BA Tuition             $94 per credit hour

Registration Fee

Administration Fee


Graduation Fee


In-house Financing Available

Down Payment

Monthly Payment 


Sponsor a student today.


You’ve spent your time in Ministry learning hands on. Now you can earn credit for it toward your degree. Turn your passions like preaching, visiting the sick, counseling, ministry work , etc into religious vocational degree credits. KBC  will credit you for what you’ve already learned from your experience in Ministry.

If you have a lot of knowledge and practical experience in Ministry but no diploma, degree, or certification to show for it, life experience credits may give you some of the recognition you deserve. KBC reviews students’ ministry experience and grants experience credits based on what students have done in ministry.

KBC may  request a portfolio that proves your experience. Materials will vary depending on what your experience has been, but will include any documents that demonstrate your knowledge and experience in Ministry. Possible materials may include:

  • Resumes
  • Letters of ministry work from your Apostle, Pastor, Bishop, or Church
  • Awards you have received
  • Reference letters of people who are familiar with you in ministry
  • Multimedia (photographs, videos, etc.)
  • Certificates
  • Newspaper articles/ magazine clippings